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check out the new saddle oxfords!

esme’s family rules

 Unlike many of you, I was not born to shop.  In my family, girliness and materialism were both frowned upon.  In fact, confessing that you might like the color pink was enough to earn you “the look”!

Nonetheless I harbored a secret interest in fashion.  My earliest fashion memory is about shoes.  I recall going to bed with a sort of magical feeling of possibility after the purchase of a new pair of shoes, even though they were a rather utilitarian pair of saddle-oxfords.  (I suppose I am dating myself here.)

The Freudians among you might speculate that Esme took up shopping as a form of rebellion.  I prefer to take a more Jungian approach, and imagine that her interest in fashion has been a way to explore her feminine self.

It was not until I met my friend Kate in graduate school that I began to get acquainted with the latent shopper within.  To this day, Kate and I shop together.  We enjoy having a glass of wine afterwards and hashing over the day’s finds.  Kate is one of the few people who can make me laugh until my stomach hurts (good exercise for the abs, btw). 

Kate introduced me to shopping at LOEHMAN’S.  At first she had to bribe me with chocolate chip cookies, as I would grow hungry and threaten to faint.  Now there are times when she has to act as a restraining voice.

Then I met my husband, Mr. Noir.  Mr. Noir just happens to be one of those rare men who actually enjoy shopping.  Sometimes his taste is not exactly a la minute, but compared to most guys…..anyway, i’ve been off and shopping ever since!

shopping ’til I drop, or….acting out, or……exploring my inner female self,


(first published in nov. 2009)


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