#8. HAD WE BUT WORLD ENOUGH AND TIME: allusions to shopping in 17th century poetry

by admin on February 3, 2011

juuuust kidding!  but seriously, even avid shoppers such as kate and esme lack the time and energy to try on every skinny jean around, so at times like this, we have to really on secondary sources.  you have probably heard that oprah (www.oprah.com) has regular segments on jeans.  most recently she has raved about a new brand called cj by cookie johnson (the wife of some sort of sports celebrity if i recall correctly).  these jeans are described as having “lots of stretch”, a silk waistband (wow!), and being good for “girls with curves”.  cookie was shown modeling them, and if you ask me, her “curves” were rather in the minimalist style; however, oprah had them on (the jeans i mean) and they were quite flattering.  she described them as “like wearing pajama’s”, which, as you can imagine, quite appealed to esme. 

now, the thing is, oprah and esme have RATHER different figures, so i don’t know if these jeans would work for me or even kate, but i’d sure love to try on a pair if i could find them, which i can’t.  (note that esme later found quite a nice pair on www.zappos.com).

in a different vein, my souce at UCLA tells me that urban outfitters has great jeans, and i can testify that they looked terrific on her.  Of course there is AG, 7, and the like.  indeed, i was hooked on jjill jeans for awhile, until i became addicted to the lower-waisted ones and decided jjill’s were too pinchy.  however, if you like a slightly higher waist, these might be for you.  i’d love to hear from y’all about your favorite jeans, so do tell!

Marvelling at the world of jeans,


(first published in Dec. 2009)


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