by admin on February 3, 2011

shopping withdrawal

a nasty combination of a surfeit of clothes, a diminution in funds, and a bad case of bodily dysphoria kept esme out of the shops this past week.  the results were disasterous:  her mood plunged, her self-image tanked, and she began snapping at everyone, including her dog.  the failure to shop can have negative effects, not only on a sagging economy, but on those of us vulnerable to shopping withdrawal.  finally my husband, at his wits’ end, insisted i begin shopping again (note that he did not insist that i actually BUY anything).  the alternative, frankly, was to consider hospitalization. 

so i began by responding to a  query from a reader who asked: “what about skirt lengths?  for the first time in many years, i have purchased a skirt that comes just below the knee.  can i pull off this look without being in danger of channeling hilary clinton?”  such an insightful question! 

the answer is tricky.   for one thing, just about anything goes these days in terms of skirt length.  it is one’s body, not fashion, which dictates how long one’s skirts should be.  so when shopping for dresses or skirts, take a good look in the mirror, or, if you don’t trust your own judgement and want to have more fun besides, take along someone like kate.  i find that just-below-the-knee works really well for me, and if i wear leggings, i can hike it up a bit.  to avoid the dowdy look, consider pairing a skirt with tights and boots, or leggings.  (i doubt you will see hilary in leggings).  some of you may be able to get away with leggings and spikey heels for an even less dowdy look.  and speaking of leggings….more to come. btw, my reader settled on tights and ankle boots, and reports that she is wearing her skirt at every opportunity!

oh i am feeling soooo much improved, and none the poorer!



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