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long-legged nephew

esme had the most wonderful and delicious visit with family over thanksgiving.  conversation ranged far and wide, but issues in fashion was a hot topic.  i happen to have very interesting relatives, among whom are 2 of the darlingest teenage boys you have ever seen. both are hovering (literally) around 6’4” and have the longest, skinniest legs you can imagine.  when i hug one of them, my nose comes about to his bellybutton!  both are very fashion-forward, even edgy in style.  and both were wearing skinny jeans!

  i had really not given much thought to skinny jeans on guys, and cannot claim to be an expert on male fashion, but i will tell you that this was a great look on these boys.  i understand that they have a favorite shopping venue, and will report back when i get more info.  all i can say now, before returning to the shopping quest, is that if i could only have an inch or 2 from each of their legs, my shopping (and perhaps life) history would be transformed!

anyhoo, the next challenge that kate and i faced (besides my own leg-length deficit) was to tackle THE GAP.  in my own estimation, this has been a very good year for TG, in terms of both color and style.  they have had beautiful pinks, purples, violets and greys, along with some wild fuschias and saffrons.  before we even got to the jeans, our 2 pairs of eyes were riveted by a pair of medium grey cords prominently displayed in front.

we had forgotten about cords!  everyone needs just the right pair of cords for winter!  we had searched for grey ones last year and given up in defeat.  we each grabbed pairs in a few sizes (you never know with pants) and couldn’t resist the fuschia and saffron ones (tho kate warned me that the fuschia would be too much on me, which indeed it was).  when i saw kate in the mirror i was bowled over—-they were perfect!  i hastened to put mine one, et voila!  after rolling up the hem about 6 inches and mentally adjusting to the fact that i’d never have kate’s legs, i decided they looked smashing….and sooooo comfortable.  they would go with everything, and grey is THE color this winter.  plus, you just can’t beat the price.  combine this with a few coupons and these babies were almost free! 

 this is one of those rare times when kate and i look good in the same article of clothing, and the great thing is, we know that we could both wear them at the same time and no one would even guess that they were the same pants!  we danced out of the store, so eager to try them with all our tops that we temporarily forgot about the martinis. these cords, btw, are labeld “skinny” but to us they read more as “straight” (no offense).  they are narrow but not skin-tight, very soft, and don’t stretch much after wearing.  even my husband approved. 

ecstatic in grey wale,


(first published in nov. 2009)


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