by admin on February 4, 2011

kate and i are feeling a little podley (yes that’s a made up word but i think you can figure it out from the context) after pigging out on turducken, champagne, exotic cheeses, pinot noir, apple crisp with ice-cream, creamed spinach, pumpkin pie, homemade cranberry sauce, vintage port and so on over the christmas weekend.  you might not have figured this out until just now, but eating is second only to shopping as our favorite activity.  nevertheless, we were determined to survey the post-christmas sales, hoping to fill the gaps in our ever-increasing wardrobes, camoflage the protrusions in our increasing mid-sections, and maybe find something to wear for new year’s (or at least for the new year). in addition, i understand that sportshopping does burn a fair number of calories, so go for it!

more to follow but i’ll give you a hint: leggings!

podlier and podlier,


(we found the word on a trip to pasadena for a craftsman house tour)

(first published in Dec. 2009)


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