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i would never presume to buy clothing for someone else but i make an exception for scarves:  they are the only item of clothing i can think of where one size really does fit all (even gloves come in sizes, if you recall).  so a scarf can make a great gift.  just make sure the colors are in the ballpark of those that flatter the giftee, and try the scarf on to assure yourself that it is not itchy.

kate is really the accessorizing expert  in our duo.  she is brilliant at finding scarves, jewelry, shoes etc. that just happen to pick up a color in her pants or tops or eyes, putting together an outfit that looks casaul and stunning (and i am not talking matchy matchy here).  kate will tell you that chunky knit scarves in earthy colors are big this year.  scarves with loose ruffley borders, artsy fringes and assymetrical shapes are very a la mode, as are scarves that look kind of accidently-on-purpose deconstructed (remember those cats!).

  on the other hand, a soft, neutral silk scarf is always useful.  i have one in off-black with pale grey and taupe accents that i have worn for years, and kate has one in a sheer beigey-brown that she wore to terrific effect when we met for dinner the other day (my husband, who has a very critical eye, admired her outfit, which consisted of a pair of gap skinny jeans, a fringey shawl-like sweater in light brown, a sheer blouse, and the above-mentionned scarf!). 

 you can find scarves in department stores of course, but also in little boutiques and even in some unexpected places like gardening stores. i have terrible abstainer’s remorse over a purple and black knit chenille scarf that i passed up a while back.  when i returned to look at it one more time, it had been snapped up by a very attractive woman who happens to have known my husband when he was married to his ex-wife (at least she was not an old girlfriend!). so all i can advise when it comes to scarves is, carpe diem!

warmly but not in chenille,

esme (esmenoir@gmail.com)

(first published in Dec. 2009)


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