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different ways to wear leggings

the legs are the last to go

my 89 year old friend lois, who swims and plays tennis daily, has great legs.  when i complimented her on them the other day as she was emerging from the pool, she quipped, “the legs are the last to go.”  that’s just one of the reasons that kate and i, feeling the weight of another birthday, have been obsessed with the leggings look.

 leggings camoflage a multitude of flaws: too fat, too thin, varicose veins, cellulite, sun damage, too long, too short, well i should stop now before this gets disgusting! on top of (or rather below) that, leggings are exceedingly comfortable!  not to mention totally in style!  if you have half-way decent legs you can wear leggings, and if you have great legs, so much the better!

 i used to envy six-year-old girls, who can dance around doing cartwheels and somersaults with leggings under their skirts and nary a care for their underwear showing.  if only leggings had been around when my friend alice and i twirled around on the chin-up bars on one knee in fourth grade!  one word of warning, however: unless you are under 25 or perhaps a hot-yoga instructor (or preferably both) you are not going to want to wear leggings unless you can find a top that comes to at least mid-thigh. we have seen examples of people who have not followed this warning and it is not pretty. 

which brings me to two important issues in leggings:  finding just the right leggings, and then just the right tops to go with them, is NOT EASY AT ALL.  in fact, kate and i have spent months in this pursuit, with only partial success.

details to follow,

esme aka happy legs 

(first published in dec. 2009)


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