#14. LEGGINGS 101

by admin on February 5, 2011

the history of leggings--american indian leggings

an interesting take on leggings


finding just the right leggings has turned out to be more difficult than we imagined. until quite recently, it has been hard to find any leggings at all.  now many of the small boutiques, as well as department stores (MACY’S, NORDSTROM, and the like) do carry them, although the selection tends to be limited. 

leggings present many thorny issues.  of course there is color. it’s not too hard to find a pair in black, but purple and grey (my personal favorites) are harder to come by, and you will probably need a pair in brown if you are a serious leggings wearer.  then there is fabric.  kate and i have found that many leggings are made of rather thin fabric, which is ok for not overheating, but can surprise you with its inability to camoflage your lumps and bumps.  kate is especially insistent on this aspect. 

we women of a certain age like a nice thickish tensile fabric with at least some cotton in it, and a fair amount of lycra or spandex.  a similar pair in wool would be nice for colder climates. 

by now you will not be surprised to hear that esme is very picky about fit:  what is the point of wearing leggings if they are not totally comfortable?  i absolutely must have a smooth waist-band, not too narrow, with no visible bunchiness!  if the waist-band is gathered or bunchy, not only will it feel itchy, but it will create protrusions under your tops in places that will not make you happy.  a good pair of leggings should make you feel like dancing! 

i also need the waist to sit a tiny bit below my belly-button.  this is particularly difficult to find.  why they make hi-waisted leggings when the equivalent in jeans is completely out of fashion, is beyond me.  dear me, esme is getting grouchy, but all’s well that ends well, as you will soon see.

dancing into the new year,


 (first published in dec. 2009)


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