by admin on February 6, 2011


…..esme went to the mall (that’s what we call the little bitty shopping center at del monte center in Monterey) the other day to buy a few books. she couldn’t resist a little peek into BANANA REPUBLIC (for research purposes only of course).  what did she spy but a whole new line of skinny jeans and leggings! 

believe it or not, they have 3 different styles of skinny jeans:  skinny, super skinny and baggy skinny (or words to that effect).  esme had not really intended to try anything on, but thought she’d just grab a few on-sale camisoles and a pair of regular skinny jeans and nip into an available dressing room.  the salewoman assured her that these jeans were much improved over last-season’s, being softer and not inclined to stretch. 

imagine esme’s discomfiture when she was completely unable to squish into her regular size.  now, esme has gained a few lbs. over the holidays, but these jeans were REALLY skinny.  surprised but undaunted, esme decided to come back another day when the jeans go on sale, try a couple of sizes larger, and maybe check out the “baggy skinnies”!  upon returning home, however, a glimmer of fashion longing came over her;  she began to picture herself in a pair of flowing pants with air circulating around her body…..anyway, if you happen to be one of those unusual people who can’t find jeans small enough (esme has actually met a few of these), these new br jeans may be perfect for you!

not as skinny as some,



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