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lovely doric columns

flowing afghan dress


Esme’s friend Spike sent her an interesting question from a snowy eastern clime:  “i have 2 legs that look like doric columns on a good day, and the snow is hip-high here…sweet Esme, can I still wear leggings?”  Of course I loved the designation “sweet Esme”—so roaring twenties—but the question provoked a lot of thought. 

First off, you would not know it from her self-description, but Spike is one of the most beautiful women I know.  Many of us would give our eye-teeth (whatever those are) to look like Spike.  So her leg issues are just not something that jump out at you from the gestalt.  (My husband insists that men notice the gestalt of a woman, and not the picky little details that we all worry so much about). 

Anyway, if you do happen to own legs of a doric nature, Esme has a few words of guidance.  You may want to look for a legging with lots of spandex so that it kind of “holds in” the leg.  And you might play around with skirt/top length.  Most of us, including Esme, have one sort of leg concern or another, and the thing about the leggings look is that it is flexible: your top can be long, short or in-between.  If esme does not get her skirt length just right, her knees can look quite ridiculous.  Kate looks best in an altogether different length. 

For winter, you will want some sturdy boots that come at least to the knee.  I have heard that New Yorkers wear tights under their leggings for warmth! Or, if worse comes to worse, hold off on leggings ‘til the branches bud and the birdies twitter!  On a looser note, i have been intrigued by photos of afghan clothing.  they seem to wear these marvelous tunicky things in vegetal colors over wide flowy pants.  I once glimpsed a tall and elegant American woman wearing such an outfit, and she looked stunning!

Ionicly yours,

Esme (esmenoir@gmail.com)


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