A READER RESPONDS (and we meet Phashion Plate aka P2)

by admin on February 6, 2011


A READER RESPONDS:  “Mme. Black:  I don’t agree that men are interested in the gesalt of women.  In my view Men, visual beasts that they are, are drawn to specific types.  These types are culturally acquired (or perhaps experientially).  American men, for example, are well known for their breast obsession (viewed as infantile by europeans).  French men like legs, as this famous line from “L’homme qui aimait les femmes” states: “Les jambes de femmes sont des compas qui arpentent le globe terrestre en tout sens, lui donnant son équilibre et son harmonie.” But since when do women dress for men???  Phashion Plate”

ESME REPLIES:  dear ms. gravure, delighted to receive such an interesting response, and from a person who is fluent in french no less!  i must admit that i have entertained such thoughts myself at times.  my dear father (american) used to joke that he had married my mother for her legs.  my grandfather, on the other hand (from the old country), gave every appearance of being a breast man until he passed on at the age of 99 (at least based on what one might infer from my grandmother’s figure). 

mr. noir has a few things to say on the matter.  first, he maintains that taking in the gestalt and having a type are not necessarily mutually exclusive.  secondly, he opines that the more evolved male attends to the gestalt.  of course, mr. noir’s eccentricity is part of the reason i married him, so he may be somewhat of an outlier.  (i will say that if i had to categorize him, i would have to put mr. noir in the breast man category). 

i wonder if there is any research on the matter (attraction studies or such?).  my son christophe is studying communications in college and wrote a notable paper on which he received an excellent grade, applying an esoteric communications theory to heterosexual dating behavior.  perhaps i will suggest that he pursue research on the topic we are discussing!   thoughtfully, esme


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