by admin on February 6, 2011

pupik (or, bellybutton)

a fashion-forward friend at the gym tells esme that “all the girls in new york are wearing leggings with boots!”  new york?  really??  to top it off, they wear tops up to their pupiks! (check your yiddish dictionary). 

a lively conversation ensued regarding the right tops to wear with your leggings.  even the really young and fit amongst the gym-rats were not comfortable with shirts that skimmed the tops of their thighs.  however, Kate and i, having searched and searched and searched for attractive sweaters/blouses/shirts to wear with our leggings, have come up empty. 

 let’s hope the powers-that-be in the fashion design world listen to the timeless wisdom of esme and bring out some longer tops for spring.  all the store-owners that esme has spoken to are off at “market” this week, so she is waiting with baited breath to see what emerges.  and the owner of one of our favorite carmel stores, stephan-cori, is rumored to be designing her own line of stylish yet comfortable clothing, to be debuted this spring. 

kate and i have also noticed an interesting trend that may help with the leggings-top problem:  the appearance of a garment that kate has dubbed a “legging pant”.  these are fitted knit pants similar to a legging but just a smidge less body-hugging and usually having some sort of tailoring (pockets, prominent seams, an interesting waist-band) that MAY allow them to be worn with a shorter top by women of a certain age and others.

so keep your fingers (not your legs) crossed for spring,


(first published in jan. 2010)


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