by admin on February 7, 2011

christophe in vintage armani

…..esme has not mentioned this before, not because she doesn’t love him desparately, but because she has been unsure that she really feels mature enough to have offspring of a shopping age, but…..esme has a lovely college-age son.

okay, it’s out. and guess how christophe has been entertaining himself over winter break?  you guessed it: shopping!  like most young people, his funds are quite limited.  but his shopping has taken an interesting and creative turn.

both the venues (thrift stores and consignment shops), and the quarry (designer suits, ties, shirts) have been a surprise to esme. i will list just a few of his finds:  several pairs of true religion jeans, a navy blue ysl suit, a blue burberry blazer, a black burberry shirt with signature cuffs and collar, a set of 30 silk ties for $10….i think you get the idea.  now, let’s hope he will one day get a job to go with the clothes…..

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