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thrift store shopping can be fun at any age!!

texting in college

recent text from christophe:  “hey mom:  gucci shirt burberry blazer dior blazer benneton sweater all for $40 done shopping for a while but everyone loves them”.

you can see that esme’s son has inherited her penchant for colons and semi-colons!  a plea for elaboration has yet to elicit a response (well, he could still be sleeping), so i’ll have to use my imagination.

perhaps he wears the gucci shirt and burberry blazer with the gap khaki’s we bought together and his father’s cast-off allen edmonds loafers to an early-evening cocktail party at the dean’s residence (never mind that the drinking age is 21 these days).

maybe he attends a retro ball in beverly hills wearing his ysl pin-striped suit with a baby blue t-shirt.  and the benneton sweater would surely look great with his true religion jeans and faux-leather jacket (he is an animal lover) to go on a date to the local burger (or make that middle eastern wrap) joint.

the girls must be falling all over him (i know i’m his mom but even kate says he’s a real hunk), begging to go thrift-shop shopping with him.  do you see what i mean that fashion is fantasy?  it even works vicariously!

(one bit of information that christophe did share with esme, and that you may find useful if you plan to follow in his footsteps, is that YELP rates thrift and consignment stores—a good place to start without even going out in the rain!)

whatever happened to frye boots and patchouli oil,

esme (esmenoir@gmail.com)

spike adds this helpful hint which i plan to try myself:  “As an experienced thrift and consignment store shopper I know your readers will benefit from this quick
and efficient method of finding a find among the dross. Simply run your hand over the fabrics along the racks (you might even close your eyes). When touch reveals quality, stop and check…no matter what size or color. ”


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