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boyfriend blazers

“dear esme, love your blog and would like to add one of my current faves: mannish style pajamas. i love knowing i am dressed to talk to the fed-ex guy, receive unexpected guests, or just to be prepared for the unexpected (earthquakes, alien abductions, winning the lottery) whilst feeling both presentable and comfortable. i have these pjs in cotton and silk and love both types. i haven’t yet actually entertained in my pjs, but who knows?  
yours in jammies, persephone”  

darling persephone, you have tapped into a major fashion trend:  the boyfriend look.  for entertaining company, may i suggest the addition of a silk cami, one of your husband’s ties, and a little fedora? (note:  if your husband does not own any ties, i’m sure mr. noir would be happy to lend you one from his extensive collection). 

what to wear on your feet?  i picture a fetching pair of kitten heels with little pink puffs.  this captures the essence of the boyfriend look today:  masculine blazers, trousers, or other items combined with a few diaphonous, frilly, hyperfeminine piececes.  

sadly, a person of my size has difficulty carrying this look off.  i have so longed to buy or borrow various actual menswear items, but i would need a really tiny boyfriend to make this work, and just think of the potential children…way too small!  

i do covet a jeans jacket that christophe found (it’s kind of tight on him); he has promised to hand it down to me if he gets tired of it or works out so much that he can’t squeeze into it.  and i have re-discovered an ancient diana slavin (little boutique on claude lane in san francisco) organza blouse that would be killer atop this balenciaga mini with black and red fringes resembling porcupine quills pictured in vogue (of course i would wear it with leggings rather than bare legs).  

a gym friend (catharine or coco to her intimates) received a fantastic sleeveless white top with silk petal-like things at the bust as a gift (RITTMASTER CARMEL) which she plans to wear with a fitted pin-striped suit.  she is blond and delicate and could pull this off with aplomb.  the possibilites are endless and sometimes rather extreme.  so feel free to play dress-up, raid your husband’s, son’s and grandmother’s closets, and turn your gender on it’s head for an hour or a day. meanwhile i think i’ll start with a little gentle androgeny.


esme (esmenoir@gmail.com

roz always manages to crack me up.  she says “enjoyed the boyfriend post but for myself i think this approach would leave me looking like a confused transvestite!”  no way roz! 

 like most of us women of a certain age, roz tends to underestimate her ability to wear the latest trends. (though i have to give her credit for this fab phrase: “one wants to avoid looking like mutton dressed as lamb”…well, when you put it that way…)  anyway, we both covet the porcupine skirt.  unfortunately it retails for around 10 (thousand).  maybe in the true spirit of sisterhood we could get together 40 or 50 of our closest friends, buy one, and share it!

christophe and a few of his friends respond:  “great pics mom!”  now i can truly say that my readers range in age from 19 to 90!



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