by admin on February 8, 2011

peanut head

frumpy?? or classic?

……….esme’s sister roz (who will be formally introduced in a future posting) responds:  “oh, i remember that wonderful black burberry of yours!  i always coveted it! i have a khaki burberry raincoat—one of those dumpy belted trench coats—of the same vintage.  it is extremely functional, but unlike your coat, highly inelegant.  i went into burberry’s recently, thinking that i might be able to find a coat more like yours, or at least something a little more au courant.  not only were the coats all as frumpy as the one i have, they cost a fortune.  so i’m just holding on to mine.  timeless, for better or worse.” 

 i know what roz means.  christophe and i were snooping in a thrift store over the holidays and i thought i’d come across a great find:  a classic tan double-breasted burberry trench for almost nothing.  i tried it on and christophe’s immediate assessment was “mom, that makes your head look like a peanut!”  now i’d never given much thought to the size of my head but now i realize it’s definately on the small side (no correlation with brain size i’m sure).  needless to say, i left the coat for another lucky shopper with a larger head!

grateful for the one i have,



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