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“spike has been pondering your philosophical provocations regarding our lost man-fur, dear esme.  as everyone knows, one gives away all coats when moving to california (i could have told you not to do this, spike!), with the exception of the black, mid-calf raincoat, or course, for the s.f. concerts, trips to alcatraz,and braving the donner pass. 

then, it being found to be surprisingly chilly on the monterey peninsula, loading up on esme’s old coats at the goodwill.  so whenever you feel a yen for those old give-aways you know whose closet to plumb!

my question concerns a gorgeous full length golden fox with an intriguing inscription in the lining dictated by some poor discarded man (or spike, maybe she died) that i bought in a fancy boston consignment shop back in the day.  i only look at it of course, and would never dare wear it. 

the one day i dared was last year’s presidential inauguration day when the temperature was below zero.  everyone wore fur if they had it, or fluff if they didn’t on that special day. 

some very large boys pell-melling along tripped me and i fell flat on my dignity, ripping the entire sleeve of my beautiful coat beyond repair.  is it possible to remake these skins into a throw and who could do it?  now, with your guidance, i realize how emotionally significant it is to have my prehistoric fur back near me and do not want to lose touch with it again.

your friend,


oh spike, i am so so sorry to hear about your fur! (and your dignity, which i presume has recovered).  the only somewhat guilt-free way to wear fur these days is to inherit it, or “recycle” it from a thrift store.  i confess that i love my single fur, which was given to me by a friend whose mother-in-law died leaving a coat that was too small for her daughter-in-law.  i am quite thrilled that these postings have helped elaborate on the emotional meaning of your coat.  when it comes to the practical matter of alteration, however, i am at a loss.  readers, can you help out here???



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