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7th heaven (san francisco clothing mart 2010)

a friend of a friend who manages an elegant little shop in carmel called RITTMASTER (www.rittmastercarmel.com) invited esme to go to the san francisco clothing market!  what an opportunity for the sportshopper!

i was nervous for days, obsessing about what to wear, wondering if i had the shopping cajones, the sang-froid to power through a whole day….as it turned out, no sooner had philip and i stepped into the lobby of the st. francis hotel with its marble floors, antique chandeliers, and curving staircases populated by people with fabulous outfits, than i knew i had come to the right place!

i entered the elevator, pushed the button for the 9th floor and was surprised to hear a fellow passenger complimenting me on my skirt.  “is that neesh?” the other woman asked. (esme had just heard about neesh the day before from her sister roz.) “aventures des toiles” i was able to reply in delight, realizing with astonishment that my outfit was not only on-track but worthy of comment!

and then, i came upon a varitable wonderland of clothes.  rooms and rooms full of them.  and people wearing fabulous clothes, selling clothes, buying clothes, talking clothes, looking at each others’ clothes! omg!!  it would have been easy for me to lose my cool, but my companion philip, who knows this world inside and out, lead me gracefully through the dense forest of clothing and the clothed.  (philip, btw, cut quite the dashing figure in jeans, dress shirt and textured navy blazer.  one of the few straight males in the business, he received quite a few admiring glances.  but don’t get your hopes up ladies; i’m afraid he is taken!)

anyway, to return to our mission:  first we met with a vendor who sells belts and handbags, and philip graciously allowed esme to make some purchase suggestions.  now i will be dying to see how they do in the shop.  we wandered the carpeted hallways, nipping into rooms that looked interesting, feeling the fabrics, noting colors, talking shop with the vendors.  i received more compliments on my skirt, and even on my name!

people spoke to me as if i were one of them.  because i’ve been feeling slightly guilty about spending so much blog-space on leggings, i was also gratified to note that a large majority of the buyers were wearing—you guessed it—leggings and boots!  some had long tops, some shorter tops, and all looked quite stylish (with one exception, of whom you will hear more later).  i began to feel almost like a macher in the fashion world myself!

home again home again jiggity jig (but not quit yet),



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