by admin on February 9, 2011

astonishing how sportshopping knits together the threads of one’s past, present, and perhaps, one’s future:  the word synchronicity kept whispering itself  in my ear as i navigated the mesmerizing world of the clothing market.  one of my first jobs after college was as an editorial assistant at a major publishing company. i’m proud to say i helped edit a book that had an important influence on the course of my life, and, i imagine, on the lives of others. 

THE TAO OF PSYCHOLOGY:  synchronicity and the self was written by jean shinoda bolen, md, a jungian analyst who has gone on to publish at least 10 more books.  you can read about her on her website:  http://jeanshinodabolen.com

i know you’re wondering how this connects with shopping. synchronicity refers to “meaningful coincidence”  and tends suggests that one is on what dr. bolen calls “the path with heart”.  (if this sounds rather san-francisco-in-the-seventies to you, you have nailed it.) 

i encountered more synchronistic events at the clothing market (starting with the skirt in the elevator) than i have in years!  several were mediated by what i’ve taken to calling ma jupe magique. 

as we were trolling the hallways, we were hailed by a gentleman with an english accent.  he had recognized my skirt and turned out to be the vendor for the line!  of course we had to check out his merch, and to my surprise and pleasure, philip fell in love with it!  i am hoping it will make an appearance in his shop, as i know many women who are dying to buy this stuff.  i am sure it did not hurt that not one, not two, but countless fashionistas had complimented me on la jupe! 

next, we had an appointment to view a gorgeous collection of cashmere sweaters, dusters, and scarves, where of course i supported phillip in his choices of longer tops wearable with leggings.  i also found myself attracted to various cashmeres in animal prints, an unusual direction for me.  to my relief, we learned that my very favoritist colors—charcoal grey and purple—will continue to be strong throughout the year.  before becoming entirely lost in this sensuous world, i noted that the label looked familiar.  my memory banks yielded up the information that this was a line i had admired at leaf and petal (palo alto).  not 10 minutes later, who should appear, but the girls from leaf and petal, who recognized esme immediately as a shopper despite her incarnation as a fashion macher!




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