by admin on February 10, 2011

sooo cute!

now esme strives to treat all creatures great and small  (except perhaps snakes) with kindness and consideration.  admittedly she falls short on occasion, but usually not on purpose.  however, she just cannot resist telling you this teensy little histoire mechante. 

i mentioned earlier that most of the buyers at the clothing market wore their leggings with considerable style.  one, however, distinguished herself among the crowd.  philip and i were drooling over the cashmeres when a most arresting sight caught my eye. 

in walked an imposing woman who must have been teetering on the brink of her 80’s.  she had big hair and those drawn-on eyebrows i remember from old movies.  on top she wore a cropped black and white fur jacket (racoon??).  the fur kind of poofed out as though responding to static electricity, and the strands were as long as porcupine quills (though i hope softer).  (btw, have you read THE ELEGANCE OF THE HEDGEHOG by muriel barbery?)  beneath this she wore stylish black leggings and expensive-looking high-heeled boots.  

esme could only admire her panache (or perhaps chutzpah would be a better word).   certainly,  one is never too old to experiment with style, and a dramatic fashion statement is an act of enviable courage!  if only i had had the courage to ask if i could snap a pic!  it is only due to my failure of nerve that you will be forced to use your imagination on this one!    

looking forward to my 80’s and beyond,



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