by admin on February 10, 2011

our last market appointment was with a vendor of classic but hip garbardine slacks and jackets.  i still remember with fondness a pair of grey-and-black ZANELLA pants with an interesting sort of checked houndstooth pattern that i wore in the days when i had a real job.  i finally parted with them a few years ago when it became evident that the tightness in the waist was irremediable. 

or maybe i still have them in the attic (this is the trouble with giving away clothes; you never know when you might want to at least get them out and look at them again, and it’s hard to keep track of which you’ve stashed away and which you’ve donated.)  

philip’s job was to choose first style, then fabric; the clothes would then be made to order.  it is worth noting that the pants come in 3 basic styles:  classic waist, lower waist, and boot-cut.  if you have a real job, or an interview for one, or if you like a nice pair of pants to wear to a concert, you should check these out. 

the fabric has a beautiful hand (i believe that is the word for it in the trade!) and they look good on a variety of body-types.  the jackets are fairly close-fitting, but there was a long one i particularly liked that was slim but not as tailored—-this one would work with leggings for a more casual look. 

it’s a pity that you will have to buy these retail, because the vendor was a real kick!  and it turns out that she writes a blog on fashion as therapy (reference to come).  so you can imagine that she and esme had lots to talk about and kept having to pull themselves back to the task at hand!  i wish i could say that i danced out the grand lobby of the st. francis into the bracing hubbub of union square, but i’ll have to admit that my feet were tired.  however, my mind was hopping and the adrenaline rush has stayed with me for days!

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