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thome thongs

hanky panky

kate and i like  to shop  with our good friend whimsy (she’s been called that ever since her first year at miss porter’s where she left campus on a whim for an impromptu shopping trip to montreal without telling anyone.)  thank goodness her husband, hunter, is very tolerant.  in fact, i named my little terrier after him hoping some of his character would rub off with the name, but you can imagine how well that worked! 

anyway, back to thongs.  one of our favorite carmel boutiques is INTIMA, a charming little lingerie store that carries items you simply can’t find elsewhere: think italian silk bras, french peignoirs, quilted bed jackets.  they happened to be having a 50% off sale, so we just had to drop by.  i found the most comfortable pair of pajamas ever (by calida) on the sale rack.  they even have cuffs on the legs and sleeves for warmth, and won’t need to be hemmed!  kate found a trio of darling silk thongs for 60% off (she wears nothing but and can’t understand why i eschew them). 

as i was about to leave i spied a fetching pair of purple lace panties (not on sale).  of course you have to try them on over your underwear so they’re hard to really assess (ha ha!), but they seemed at first blush to be both comfortable and sexy.  well, i can say without blushing that they have lived up to their promise and i’m planning to go back for a few more!  plus, they don’t ride up and don’t show under one’s skinny jeans. (the brand is HANKY PANKY).  feels like i’m wearing nothing at all. 

thongless yet happy,



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