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this happens to be one of esme’s favorite topics, and a trip to intima tends to bring it to the forefront. 

thought #1: kate and i learned about something new.  there are these little thingies called “dimmers”—-to “dim your headlights”, got it?  you put them in a sheer or lacey brassiere et voila!  you can wear your sexy bra as an everyday bra! 

#2:  i can’t get this odgen nash poem out of my head—“there once was a lady from nizes, whose breasts were of 2 different sizes.  one was so small it was nothing at all, and the other was large and won prizes.”  we all have this problem to one degree or another, and it makes finding just the right bra a real heartache.  experts advise fitting the larger breast.

thought #3:  a women’s locker room presents a unique opportunity to observe and trade information about lingerie.  if you visit a gym, don’t let this opportunity pass you by!  it was by admiring a fellow athelete’s undergarments that esme discovered intima!  plus, you can generate some really fun and interesting conversations which will remind you of growing up with 3 sisters if you did! 

 thought #4:  fitting bras is both an art and a science. an amature such as esme should not presume to offer advice.  get thee to a good bra-fitter!  you will be amazed!!!

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