#36. LADIES OF THE LOCKER-ROOM (women talk about relationships)

by admin on February 10, 2011

locker room gossip


lest you imagine that the only thing we discuss in the ladies’ locker room is lingerie, esme would like to describe a recent conversation that she found quite thrilling.  it concerned the vicissitudes of dating, marriage and relationships in general.  the theme was how we women (i can’t speak for men) tend to find something to criticize in our mates or dates and obsess on it until we drive the relationship into the ground. 

in her younger days, esme was known to engage in this type of behavior herself.  the one good thing to come of it was that esme accumulated A LOT of dating experience before she finally found her less-than-perfect-but-perfectly-wonderful husband!  i recall that kate once refused a second date with a guy because he drove like a geezer (well, my husband, who is a self-described car-guy, can understand this one). 

the flip side is that little things that might pass unnoticed by the casual observer can form the basis of attraction.  the first thing that esme noticed about her husband (before he was her husband) was that he smelled delicious…reminiscent of baking bread with olive oil.  this trait (a combination of good hygene mixed with genetics) has endured over the years, and compensates for little annoyances such as his tendency to insist on wearing baggy butt jeans. 

recently, esme has read studies suggesting that fertile women unconsciously choose their mates based on the smell of pheromones indicating whether the pair will be genetically compatible.  all i can say is that we have been very pleased with the way christophe turned out!  roz confides (don’t tell her i told you this) that part of her attraction to her husband was that he reminded her of a gorgeous siamese cat named timothy that we had as children. 

if you were to ask esme “what do women want?”  all she could say is that you should really find a way to be a fly on the wall in a women’s locker room!

would you call this gossip??

esme (esmenoir@gmail.com

esme has received many inquiries about the feet pictured above:  whose feet are they?  why does one have unpainted toenails?  do any of them belong to esme?  i am touched to have generated so much interest in feet, but i must tell you that in the interests of confidentiality, the owners of the feet will have to remain a mystery.  foot-owners (and you know who you are) please accept my profound gratitude for your co-operation and my congratulations on the loveliness of your appendages!  as to the toenails, call it photographie verite—imagine trying to find 3 pairs of bare feet willing to stand still for an impromptu photo-shoot in the locker-room at 8 o’clock in the morning!


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