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4 sisters

esme’s sister roz (the second of 4) has both an unusual and philosophical way of looking at fashion, and a knack for discovering cool and esoteric clothing lines.  i had always seen roz as having a rather severe esthetic which might preclude an interest in the sort of “madcap style” (roz’s words) that esme has come to favor, but this turns out to be far from the case.  in fact, roz has become one of esme’s biggest fans and inspirations, and discussions of fashion have evolved into a gratifying form of sisterly bonding. 

 i first became aware of roz’s sartorial depths a few years ago when we were cooking thanksgiving dinner together.  the men and boys had all gone to the san francisco auto show so we women had the house to ourselves. 

at this time (and i must emphasize that this was a few years ago) roz was quite taken with a swedish designer named gudrun sjoden.  you can’t find her clothing in the states, so if you want to see what i’m talking about, you’ll have to go on-line (www.gudrunsjoden.com) or order her catalogue. 

gudrun herself is a cute, white-haired woman of a certain age.  she is pictured in a cozy studio designing her clothes.  her clothing is therefore wearable by the non-thin, non-tall, and non-young.  the line is wild and colorful, with lots of “ethnic/folkloric references” (roz’s words again).  esme has been working up her courage to order a pair of her silk leggings in fuschia with tiny yellow floral designs.  

gudrun shows lots of interesting tunics, and is big on layering.  the unfortunate thing is that you can’t try anything on, and this clothing is not cheap.  roz has confided recently that she is DEEPLY DISMAYED with the looks pictured in the spring catalgue, which she describes as “beyond folkloric to the point of being profoundly dumpy”.  she goes on to say that she would be embarrassed to be associated with such clothing (roz’s opinions are nothing if not strong, which is one reason it is so thrilling to earn her praise).  however, it’s worth looking at the catalogue simply as a piece of art;  both roz and i save ours the way my husband saves his car magazines (he has a collection of road & tracks going back to the mid-fifties)! 




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