by admin on February 10, 2011

esme's poem

where lost things go

here are some of my favorite lost things:  a gold and amethyst ring inherited from my mother that i lost on the playground in 4th grade; the top to a really cool art-pottery tea-pot that my baby sister ruby made; 2 antique glass decanter tops; and perhaps the worst—-a vintage gold tiffany necklace given to me by mr. noir that i believe i may have thrown away during a move. 

of course, these are just things, but they happen to be very special and completely irreplacable things.  some might have been covered by homeowner’s insurance, but it seemed beside the point.  can you image a tiffany necklace from the ‘40’s moldering away at the dump amongst the bio-degradable dog-poop bags? 

on the other hand, i once lost one of my favorite earrings in the sand while walking my terrier on the beach.  i knew immediately that i had lost it, stopped in my tracks, and searched and searched.  finally, believe it or not, i called the local police, who came out with their metal-detector (the carmel police actually do this kind of thing).  nothing doing.  reluctant to give up hope, i marked the place with a stick, finished my walk, and checked again one more time;  voila, there it was, just to the side of my stick.  now that is luck. 

and then there are things given away or destroyed that i wish i still had:  a diane von furstenburg torquoise and white wrap-dress from the ‘70’s that would be soooo in now; a tan leather motorcyle jacket bought in s.f. at northbeach leather when it was still in north beach (would be perfect with a feminine dress for the boyfriend look); a kind of tie-dyed purplish, bluish, fuschia silk blouse worn on a trip to hawaii with an old boyfriend and lost to follow up.  perhaps if i could recall how these things smelled, it would be almost like having them again…….

don’t forget to smell the madeleines,



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