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garden flats

you may have been wondering when esme would address the subject of shoes.  i’ll let you in on a little secret:  esme is not really a shoe girl.  i suppose you could say that she has “issues” with shoes, mostly concerning clashes between form and function. 

now  if clothes are pretty but a bit uncomfortable, it’s not going to paralyze you.  the wrong pair of shoes on the other hand, can lead to injury if not disability, and can result in temporary or even permanent impairment of your ability to perambulate!  i do love to perambulate!  i simply cannot understand the concept of wearing shoes that are only meant to sit in (oprah is always referring to this practice)….but then, my mother tells me i was really active as a child and even in utero, so perhaps that explains it. 

which is not to say that i don’t shop for shoes, but rather that shoe shopping for me is more like swimming suit shopping is for some—-that is to say, not really that fun.  ironically enough, if you asked me what my favorite body part was, i might say “feet”;  however, these are just not feet meant for the 21st century shoe. 

the advent of the ballet flat has improved things a bit.  at least you are not likely to break your ankle wearing them.   to wear with your leggings, jeans, and other fashions of the moment you must have a pair of ballet flats, some good boots, or preferably a little collection of each in various colors and styles. 

a colleague who currently lives in france (his name is yves) writes that “ballet flats make women look so vulnerable”.  this was a surprise to esme, as she had always thought it was spikey heels that made a woman look vulnerable, as well as making a woman actually BE vulnerable (ever tried to run from a predator in heels?).  however, his words made me reassess the darling but impractical fuschia flats that i had bought, and start out on a search for a slightly more sturdy ballet-flat-like shoe, one in which a person could spend the whole day shopping if need be. 

the results appear above: taryn rose shoes found new in a consignment store (RITZY RAGS) for a fraction of original price; 2 on-sale flats from aerosoles catalgue; fuschia flats from TORTILLA FLATS, carmel; ROCKPORT grey and blacks from going-out-of-business sale; perfect COLE-HAHN ankle boots bought 10 years ago on-sale (so wish i could find more); DKNY flat knee boots from last year.

i’m sure you must know about www.zappos.com.  they sell shoes (and some clothes) with free shipping.  whimsy has been know to cure a case of the blues by ordering 7 or 8 pairs, keeping the ones she loves, and returning the rest!  roz recommends cydwoq (www.cydwoq.com) and trippen (www.trippen.com). (you can tell by the names that these are eccentric shoes!). 

trippen’s line includes some out-there models with wild asymetrical heels as well as a little pair of flat boots an apache princess might have worn to hunt rabbits (purchased by roz).  one could definately flee from a predator or stalk the wild legging in these!

not-so-vulnerable but still no imelda marcos,



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