by admin on February 11, 2011

french women

in response to esme’s mirror blog, spike suggests a provocative solution to the problem of negative self-perception:  the use of denial. 

she writes, “dear esme, i find that denial is the best resort (absent photoshop).  one might savor for years the casual remark of a 4th grader who thought you resembled someone glamorous, while disregarding the candor of another child who glanced at a younger picture of you on your badge and declared ‘that’s not you!’  the answer is of course, never to really really look, love spike”. 

for an instant i read this as “the answer, of course, is love”. now my mirror is really playing tricks on me! 

for better or worse, esme’s denial muscle is weak, so she kind of likes the love idea.  for those who can muster it up, denial can be very useful.  perhaps this could be the elusive secret that french women have been using for centuries to retain that certain je ne sais quoi into advanced age. 

esme, however, has always prefered to look the monster in the face and try to stare him down.  this may account for her ability to give what her intimates call “the look”, apparently a fierce sort of eye-contact that threatens to sear the very eyeballs of the receiver!  of course, the look can also be turned upon oneself, in which case a pinch of denial might come in quite handy.  i may have to work on this as i age.

french women

in any case, i hear that a natural loss of close-vision and difficulty turning one’s neck eventually come to the aid of the vain amongst us.  but what i really want to know is, who was the “someone glamorous” for whom spike was mistaken??

better keep your distance from eagle-eyed youngsters,



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