by admin on February 11, 2011

mr. noir's foot in esme's shoe

the gender-bending styles of recent seasons bring up a host of interesting issues.  roz has pointed out that while menswear chic has been trendy off and on for decades if not centuries, very few of us would wish to be actually mistaken for men.  rather the idea seems to be that one’s feminity is highlighted by the unexpected touch of masculine garb contrasting with the feminine body. 

another odd phenom is that while women and girls are allowed and even encouraged these days to engage in “masculine” activities and don masculine attire,  little boys are still not free to covet pink ballet slippers, play with barbies, or be seen on the street in tutu’s. 

have you ever heard of “the girl-friend look?” (and whose big hairy foot is that trying to squeeze into esme’s fuschia ballet flat??)  at least in this regard, guys have gotten the short end of the stick, as anyone who has raised a boy will know.  is the unspoken message that “maleness” is to be perferred no matter what, while in the same breath men are more bound by gender stereotypes than women?  my brain feels twisted just thinking about it! 

esme recently watched an oprah episode about a man who became a woman.  she was remarkably attractive and successful  both as a man and as a woman!  even so, i feel lucky that i happen to be happy with my gender.  the closest i have come to gender dissatisfaction was wishing for a brother as a child.  i will admit that i’ve always wondered what it would be like to trade bodies with someone else for a day: mr. noir perhaps, or my canine companion, hunter.  but on the whole i am happy to be myself.  on that note, i think i’ll go try on a few of mr. noir’s cashmere sweaters…might look great with my new lab-coat blouse!




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