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the lab-coat look

stylin’ golfers

perhaps you have been curious about what kate has been up to recently.  the sad truth of the matter is that kate has taken up an actual sport (golf, if you can believe that) and so has little time, energy or motivation for sportshopping.  this is not to say that she doesn’t look stunning in her new golf togs, but it’s just not the same.  esme feels a bit like a golf widow and has been forced to shoulder the burden of sportshopping on her own, with only kate’s spirit to keep her company. 

the if-you-can’t-beat-em-join-em solution is not an option for esme.  she has an aversion to games of any sort (tennis, soccer, ma-jong, bridge, ring-around-the-rosy, go fish) with the exception of a brief chinese checkers phase in 4th grade.  however, one rainy day when golf was not in the cards, kate and i did make a quick foray into macy’s to check out a 60%-plus off sale.  we ended up trying on a panoply of white cotton blouses. 

mr. noir has been trying to persuade me to wear crisp cotton blouses for years, but i’ve never been able to cozy up to them and they end up hanging forlornly in my closet.  however, kate has been on the hunt for the perfect white blouse, and i began to feel a surprising attraction to a few that she had tried on and discarded. 

these days cotton blouses are often made with stretch and don’t need to be tucked in, eliminating that bunchy feeling to which i have objected.  they look crisp, yet feel soft.  i developed quite a little crush on a blouse that was tailored at the bust with a slight a-line to mid-thigh and large wacky pockets near the bottom.  the look was lab-coat chic; i could feel myself channeling abby from nics.  this blouse will look cool with leggings….if i can find just the right black or gray man-tailored vest to wear over it, i can please mr. noir and  be right in style at the same time!

laughing all the way to the lab,



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