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here’s a short list from esme.  first, for years i’ve longed for a replica of a fabulous knit silk t-shirt in aubergine by GO SILK that i wore into the ground.  the design was a simple fitted crew-neck along the lines of GAP’s favorite t.  the fabric was soft and slippery enough to wear under a blazer without feeling bunchy.  the color was perfect, tho i wish i’d had one in several colors.    

 t’s now exist in all sorts of fabrics—cotton blends, modal, lyocell, rayon—but not knit silk.  an internet search reveals a few silk shirts in black or cream that are billed as long underwear, and intended for athletic pursuits in cold climates.  so, if any of you out there happen to be budding entrepreneurs, how about making a line of silk t-shirts for esme? 

next would be a simple, flattering tunic coming to at least mid-thigh to wear with leggings.  you have heard me rant about the absence of such a garment before.  it should be in cotton or wool, have a simple v or flattering crew neck, perhaps a very slight a-line or empire waist, and of course come in purple and charcoal grey!  the fabric should be thick enough so as not to require a camisole underneath.  no hoods.  no dramatic scoop necks, no boat necks that fall off the shoulders, nothing with so much fabric that one could be mistaken for the pregnant.  now is this too much to ask??   ok, esme, calm down….

third, is a pair of loose work-out sweatpants with cuffs.  work-out pants with boot-cut legs get caught in your exercise bike! in addition, they inevitably have to be hemmed by the height-impaired amongst us!  form-fitting pants might look cute, but personally, i don’t like to keep my sweat so close to my body! 

i am embarrassed to confess that i have taken to wearing a 25 year old pair of black sweats with elastic ankles to the gym.  i have photos of myself wearing these sweats to bring christophe home from the hospital at 3 days old (if you recall, he is now in college)!  i may have been at least partially redeemed by my gym compatriot lois (remember lois of the great gams?)  she appeared last week in a fantastic set of electric blue sweats, with, of all things, elasticized ankles!  now what i’d really like is cuffs instead of elastic (i think they are more comfortable and stylish) but until i find them, something like lois’ RUSSELL ATHLETICS will have to do. 

last but not least, i do wish someone would invent a devise to keep one’s bra straps from falling down.  intima sells these thingies that you can put on your shoulders to serve this function, but they are kind of rubbery and not cute. i have in mind some sort of gross-grain ribbon that you could snap on the back straps and that would be presentable or even pretty.  put your thinking caps on y’all!

longing for the impossible?



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