by admin on February 12, 2011

primitive drawing of orange-flowered skirt!


you might think that a fashion macher such as esme would delight in sewing.  in fact, the opposite is true:  i really can’t stand it! 

perhaps i inherited this dislike (along with ”the look”) from my mother, a feminist before it was fashionable, who breast-fed her children in the ‘50’s, grew organic vegetables, and shyed away from typing, decorating, jello-molds, and sewing. 

one of my most traumatic memories is taking sewing in 8th grade.  first of all, 8th grade, if you will recall, is a horrible time in the life of the body.  one tends to feel as though one’s person has been taken over by aliens (and not the slim blue beautiful kind with cool tails that you see in avatar).  secondly, we actually had to sew a garment. 

i chose an a-line skirt (it looked easy) and a horrid printed cotton-blend fabric with a white background and little orange flowers (kind of little-house-on-the-prairie-meets-the-sixties).  this fabric might have looked fine on someone else but it did not look fine on me. 

and of course my mother, despite the best of intentions, was no help when i ran into difficulty with the pattern.  the result was a really homely little skirt that i had to wear a few times and which i hope ended up in the dump! 

these days, i do admire people who can sew.  as you may have noticed, i have all sorts of clothing ideas but absolutely no way to implement them!  one of my friends is so crafty that she has actually made a pair of shoes!  another deconstructs her bras and remakes them to fit! 

if i even attempted such projects the result would be kind of like what happens when mr. noir fixes something in the house:  an expensive visit from the plumber, electrician, contractor….as it is, my tailor makes a small fortune just for hemming my jeans, and sewing on a button makes me want to scream! 

for some odd reason i did take to knitting in grade-school (around the same time i took up chinese checkers).  i made some silly-looking hats and mittens which i think my father stills wears when he doesn’t want to turn up the heat in the house. 

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