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man ironing

man sewing

       perhaps esme’s family does carry a recessive domestic arts gene. while it has failed to express itself in esme or her dear mother, other family members have shown surprising domestic aptitude.

  roz learned to knit as a child (as did esme) but she has continued to knit through adulthood and and has become quite the knitting artist!  she and ruby are also gourmet cooks, able to bake a cherry pie and throw together a “simple little dinner” at a moment’s notice.  

then there was my maternal grandmother, who not only made the best fried chicken you have ever tasted but also used to sew nightgowns for us every year.  i miss those nightgowns (flannel with lace trim) and occasionally find bits of flannel that have become glasses-cleaning cloths. when roz and i went thru a phase of pretending to be pioneer children, our grandmother made us little green and white gingham bonnets!  (if only i had kept wearing that bonnet my skin might have remained as flawless as a 10 year old’s). 

christophe has recently decided that cooking would be a great chick magnet (i threatened to cut off his funds..that’s funds…i said funds… if he got a puppy).  wouldn’t you like to have a handsome boyfriend who is also a gourmet cook (or at least can comport himself with aplomb in the kitchen)?  he has also expressed an interest in sewing (to hem his designer jeans) and in addition to picking up the art of irony, has learned to iron (he certainly wouldn’t want to send his thrift store armani shirts to the cleaners, as that would cost more than the shirts themselves!).  perhaps he’d be willing to hem a few jeans and sew on mr. noir’s missing buttons….

hoping to reap the rewards of a recessive gene,



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