by admin on February 13, 2011

are jeggings for you?

between winter storms esme has made brief shopping forays in pursuit of certain vital fashion items (could this be derived from her ancestral hunter-gatherer roots?).  one quest has been for the jean-legging, or as some call it, the “jegging” (this is really not an attractive word, which may doom the garment from the get-go). 

i started out with a terrific sense of optimism, hoping the jean-legging would ameliorate the need to wear derriere-covering tops with leggings.  ANTHROPOLOGIE seemed a good place to start, as they have jeggings by 5 or 6 designers, most of whose names start with j or g. 

i tried on perhaps 10 pairs (permutations of size and style in each brand) and on the plus side, they were all rather flattering, providing good support for the aging behind, a slim silouette, and a stylish appearance. 

 on the minus side, i found all but a few rather uncomfortable.  many had very skinny legs; you had to kind of fold them on like stockings and they probably would do well as support hose.   some were made of heavy fabric, good on a really cold day but liable to become sweaty and binding in-doors. i finally decided to purchase one of the j pairs in light fabric with the intention of trying them out at home with an option to return (this is the good thing about shopping at chains).  this particular jegging had looked fabulous on a very slim and fashionable friend at the gym and i was imagining looking just like her. 

next i braved BANANA REPUBLIC.  they had 3 or 4 variants which i tried in different sizes. (note:  i advise trying at least one size up in jeggings and not criticizing yourself for getting fat).  one in particular was very flattering but too constricting for me (unfortunately these qualities seem inextricably linked as the tightness and heaviness provide a lot of “support”).  if you have always fancied being eaten by a boa, these might be perfect for you!  i am considering waiting for a sale and ordering even a size higher in the petit, hoping that the top would fit and the legs would be looser.  just noticed that banana has come out with a “slouchy skinny”—maybe this will be it! 

in the meantime, i wore the anthro jeggings around the house a bit and decided with great regret that they were just not that comfy.  it is possible that i am not cut out (either physically or tempermentally) for jeggings, but i am reserving hope that with a little tweaking, better ones will emerge in the future. meanwhile, searching jeggings on-line on a rainy day, i did learn something useful:  many stores include customer reveiws of their clothes.  these are fun to read, will give you a head-start in a shopping quest, and make good entertainment in inclement weather (as long as your power stays on).

still without jeggings,



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