by admin on February 13, 2011

a bouquet of bras

NATIONAL WEAR YOUR BEST LINGERIE DAY!  my friend jill tells me she has lots of really nice lingerie stuffed in the back of her underwear drawer but always wears the same old boring things.  jill, valentine’s day has now been declared NATIONAL WEAR YOUR BEST LINGERIE DAY!!  get those lovely little items out and take them for a spin!!  esme may even risk wearing one of the two thongs she bought awhile back. 

if you don’t have your good lingerie hidden in a drawer, you must go out and buy some!  it will help the economy! it will do wonders for your self-esteem!  it will improve your figure!  it matters not whether you are married, single, dating, asexual, bi-sexual, homosexual or heterosexual!  just do it!! go to your nearest lingerie boutique (delicacies from INTIMA carmel pictured above), or failing that nordstrom’s, macy’s, victoria’s secret, or order on-line (bare necessities, figleaves.com). even ross and marshalls have been known to carry the occasional pretty thong or bra.  

imagine, esme remembers the days when women were burning their bras. what a difference a few decades makes!  anyway, if you’ve secretly longed to spend a day in the lingerie nature gave you, try it out on NATIONAL WEAR YOUR BEST LINGERIE DAY!  please report the results—positive, negative, or nothing—to esme.  we will start with the null hypothesis, but who knows??  we may surprise ourselves and begin to solve the national healthcare crisis…




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