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weights and measures

  have you ever wondered how much your (or perhaps someone else’s) breasts weigh?  esme thought this was a very eccentric question.  she considered calling a plastic surgeon acquaintance who once told a hilarious tale about carrying various-sized implants in the trunk of his car.  (i believe this was spurred by a discussion of sports-cars with mr. noir).  

before picking up the phone i decided to try googling the phrase; lo and behold, i am not the first to have posed this question!  why, you might ask, would you want to know how much your breasts weigh? well, just curious…….no, usually the underlying concern seems to be an abstract notion of subtracting breast-weight from one’s overall weight to come up with a more satisfactory figure (no surgery involved!).  there is even a scientific method of weighing one’s breasts, involving a kitchen scale, a couple of pans of water and dunking one at a time….i think i’ll pass on that one!  imagine what hunter would think!  one woman went so far as to weigh herself pre-and post-implants. 

the general consensus seems to be that a typical 34D breast weighs between 2.5 and 3 pounds (that would be 5 to 6 pounds for two), definately enough to subtract a goodly amount from one’s total weight.  i was quite impressed, as i’m sure you will be!  if anyone has more data on this weighty subject, please let me know!  and someone out there should develop a handy-dandy chart detailing weights for various permutations of size (perhaps i need to call the plastic surgeon after all!).

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