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the life of a surfer-gal


ah, if only i had such a thing!  (forgot to add it to my list of “things i wish they’d make”). my second skin would be not only thicker, but smooth and flawless as the neck of a bonny irish lassy. 

however, there is something that comes close if you, like esme, happen to be an all-weather outdoor swimming addict.  this is a garment called a “rash-guard”.  kate was horrified by the name when she first heard about it, imagining that i must have gotten it wrong, and tending to shush me if i mentioned it too loudly in public.  but i swear on a stack of bikinis that this is really what it’s called! 

christophe introduced me to the rash guard when he took up surfing in high school.  i was thrilled to have a surfer-dude son, even though i practically had a panic attack actually watching him navigate the waves. (one thing about having a child is that it provides guaranteed anxiety for life).  so i made sure that christophe was properly togged out with hat, gloves, booties, wetsuit and, of course, rash-guard.  i did make him save his allowance to buy the surf-board, which was shockingly expensive.  as it turned out, i believe he actually wore only one or two of the above—-the wetsuit and sometimes the rashguard. 

anyway, the rash-guard is a garment that looks kind of like a danskin leotard top. it can be unlined or lined and is used by surfers to protect their skin from chafing by the wet-suit (thus the name).  esme discovered that it is also great for adding warmth and wind-protection for cold-weather swimming, and sun-protection in the summer.  rash-guards are usually tight and black, and are rather flattering to the figure.  (as are wetsuits btw, but that is going a bit far unless you are swimming in the ocean). 

esme received numerous inquiries about her rash-guard and started a little rash-guard trend at her swimming pool.  the best place to buy them is at your local surf-shop.  if you live in-land, this is a great excuse to visit a sea-side surfing town, tho i believe they can also be found in some swimming catalgues and on-line.  i feel a little shiver of excitement every time i enter a surf-shop:  for a brief moment i imagine myself as a svelte surfer gal, and in any case, these shops provide some good shopping and the opportunity to oggle a few surfer-dudes. 

perhaps in another life-time i will come back as a surfer, but in the meantime i’m enjoying my rash-guard.

surfin’ the swimming pool,


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