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are you happy now?

silly scale

esme has known many women in her life.  at her gym she sees a beautiful panoply of women in all sizes, shapes, ages, and degrees of fitness.  the vast majority do not have what an objective observer would define as a “weight problem”; on the other hand, not a single one is without a weight “issue”. 

the thin are pre-occupied with staying thin.  the fat are obsessed with becoming thin.  the in-between usually imagine they are too fat or possess some body-part which is. every once in a while there is someone who considers herself too thin.  the scale keeps breaking from over-use.  

the good thing about this is that weight is a terrific subject for female bonding.  still, just out of curiosity, i would love to meet a woman who has absolutely no concerns about her weight—-have any of you ever met one?  surely eve. (the biblical one) did not worry about her weight—-along with the sweat of thy brow and in pain thou shalt bring forth children (how i love the poetry of the old-testament!) there must be a lost aramic text reading something like “and henceforth ye shall feel fat til ye return to the dust from whence ye came”! 

recently i’ve begun to contemplate the existence of a weight “set-point”.  if there really is such a thing, it would make our lives a relative paradise:  eat what comes naturally, find your set-point, and assume you’ll stay within a few pounds of it unless you do something drastic.  the set-point might be higher than you’d like, but once you’d come to terms with that, you’d be….set! what do y’all think?

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