by admin on February 14, 2011

some nice behinds


two wonderful things have happened to esme in the last couple of days.  the first was that she discovered a diamond in the rough; a woman she has known for several years (her children and christophe went to high school together) confessed that she has always been satisfied with her weight!  esme was absolutely bowled over by this info.!  not only had she discovered a very rare species of female, but that female has been hiding right in front of her face for years! 

 i am sure it doesn’t hurt that this weight-happy woman (let’s call her laura) happens to be on the skinny side.  she also happens to be someone who loves physical activity and can be seen walking her dog with the most amazing purpose and speed for miles every day.  however, as you are probably aware, being thin and active do not guarantee happiness with one’s weight.  in fact, many of the weight-distressed persons i know are both thin and active.  so what is laura’s secret?? 

a quick google search did not reveal any studies of such women.  so, any of you out there who are looking for a great dissertation topic or perhaps a magazine article (you know who you are), get on it!  next stop—oprah!! 

ok, the second wonderful thing that happened to esme was this:  her friend persephone, whom she had not seen in quite a while, came over for dinner.  now persephone is a stunningly beautiful woman whom mr. noir compares to a strawberry blond linda ronstadt (and yes, i am jealous).  she is also an artist—-thus very visually atuned.  in addition she is a person who tells it like it is, and unlike many of us females, would only compliment a person if she really meant it.  so anyway,  the first thing she said, as she and her husband came through the front door and attempted to fend off the fox-terrier who was barking and jumping in delight, was “esme, you have a butt”! 

while this might not seem like such a flattering observation to some of you, esme was quite thrilled.  for the past several years, she, like many of you, has been attempting to stave off the depredations of encroaching middle age.  esme hates to admit that this struggle can be quite discouraging.   to find that the years have added something both tangible and attractive was nothing short of a miracle.  so, in celebration of the easter season (rebirth, transfiguration, etc.) i believe i shall go around admiring my new butt in every mirror, store window or shiny car i can find!

yours from behind,



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