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jean jacket with flowered dress


this spring there seem to be a few items of apparel that are on most everyone’s wish-list.  one that’s on mine is just the right jean-jacket.  i don’t think i’ve owned a jean-jacket since the ‘70’s when an old boyfriend gave me one of his (he loved the annie hall look).  many of the fashion mags picture jean-jackets over dresses or feminine blouses.  i have one little dress in particular (lavendar with a small floral design and a few discrete ruffles) that i think would be perfect with a jean-jacket. 

as usual, the challenge is not to find A jean-jacket (there are tons of them out there) but to find the RIGHT jean-jacket.  the one i have in mind would be classic—-no diamond appliques or edgy tailoring.  it would be just the right length—not up by the ribs (shows too much stomach for me) or way down by the hips.  i found one that met this descripion at the gap awhile back.  following esme’s rule #1, i kept the tags on and tried it on periodically over a few days.  while i liked it’s looks, i came to the realization that i kept wanting to take it off.  it was just not comfortable!  and the reason?  no stretch.  phoooey! 

an on-line search for jean-jackets with stretch revealed quite a few possibilities.  i was finally moved to order one from land’s end when they had a 30% off sale with free shipping.  you know how exciting it is to anticipate such a purchase arriving, how your ears prick up like a fox-terrier’s everytime your hear the UPS truck go by, and then finally, voici! 

this one was quite comfortable, but omg, it was NOT flattering!  not sure why, but i think it had something to do with the pockets being rather high up.  so it’s been back to the drawing board.  if only christophe would tire of the terrific jean-jacket he bought this winter and hand it over to me, i could rest easy.  however, gentle inquiry revealed that he’s still quite fond of it.  maybe i’ll try the thrift-shops next.

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