#63. ETHEL’S RULE #2

by admin on February 14, 2011

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esther gokhale


back brace

mr. noir chastized me for having the temerity to speak of our dear-departed-ethel’s rules in the same breath as esme’s rules.  well!  harrummmmffff! 

so here, standing in singular glory, is ethel’s rule #2:  stand up straight or you’ll end up in a back-brace like saul goldenberg. 

 i will confess to you that this rule is harder to follow than ethel’s first rule.  and i was not able to benefit from it until i was quite grown up.  i’ve tried to impress it upon christophe but without much success. mr. noir almost ended up in a back-brace himself the other day as a result of hoisting stereo equipment up and down stairs, but was saved by a day of bed-rest and a few strong anti-inflammatories.  and ethel maintained an admirable posture until her death. 

if you, like esme, struggle to follow this rule, here is a reference you may find interesting.  go to Authors@Google:  Esther Gokhale, to watch a video of a woman who has re-envisioned matters of posture.  an interesting aside is that she attributes some of our postural failings to fashion trends that started in the 1920’s—-specifically, the popularity of a kind of slouchy-pelvis-forward stance which she believes has contributed to all sorts of degenerative problems in the spine. 

you know, when it comes to backs, everyone has their favorite treatment-of-the-day, and no one has clear answers.  however, at the very least, esther gokhale is an interesting character and you may find her ideas helpful (i will say that hunter certainly did!).

 standing as straight as i can,



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