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imaginery friend


by this time you are probably aware that esme does not love shopping solo.  her very best shopping adventures have always been with a friend, husband, son or surrogate thereof  (even her rat-hunting adventure included a cannine companion).  oh, if only she had a daughter!  however, every once in a while there is nothing for it but to buck up her chin and assault the shops alone.  it is at times like this that i remember to apply the rule of eleanor. 

eleanor is a friend i haven’t actually seen in several years but her image is fixed in my mind.  she is about my age, size, shape and coloring, and always looks great in her clothes.  our sons were born a few months apart and we used to work in the same profession and live in the same neighborhood. i don’t believe we actually ever shopped together—it was not that kind of friendship; nevertheless she makes a very useful imaginary shopping companion. 

here is why:  whenever i am unable to decide on a purchase (and of course have slept on it), i imagine eleanor wearing the outfit.  would it look good on her?  would she find it comfortable?  would she exude that confident sense of at-homeness-in-her-body while wearing it?  would people turn around to look at her in it, or let their gazes rest just a little too long?  if the answer is yes, then the jury is in. 

there are a few problems with this approach.  first, either eleanor’s skin-tone is different than mine, or she has a much more forgiving husband, because somehow she is able to pull off yellows and greens that would earn me considerable dispprobation from mr. noir.  so sometimes i have to place mr. noir in the picture with eleanor and see what the two of them think! 

second, the shop-keepers probably think i’m nuts as i stand in front of the mirror with unfocused eyes, a tiny smile, and a distant look on my face, concentrating very hard on what i see in my mind rather than what i see in the mirror!  a small price to pay for that reassuring click of rightness as the outfit and eleanor’s image snap together like pieces of a puzzle.  you know, i really love having an imagination; it could be my very favorite body-part!

a toast to imaginary friends,



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