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college dress-up

true religion jeans


as christophe sheds the crinkley too-tight skin of adolescence and begins to emerge as fully himself (i hate snakes but kind of like the metaphor) esme has watched his sartorial style take form.  i could see bits and pieces of this style over winter break (the designer shirts, the true religion jeans) but spring brought the beginnings of a coherent whole. 

for daily wear, he dons the armani/versace/other-european designer shirt, worn very fitted and considerably tighter than esme or mr. noir would consider comfortable.  beneath this is a t-shirt chosen to “pull” one of the colors in the shirt.  i happen to know that he wears a pair of really nice boxers (i once bought him some wild and crazy etro boxers at 75% off)—no longer showing at the back—under true religion jeans which (whether he is aware of it or not) accent his darling derriere. a worn pair of flip-flops (remember, he goes to school in l.a.) complete the outfit. 

 for lounging around the house, baggy gym shorts and a t-shirt (worn only under pressure from his mamma) will do.  this is usually topped off by colorful head-phones attached to some sort of electronic appliance. 

i have not witnessed this myself, but i understand that for parties and formal occasions, a tie, blazer (or possibly suit-jacket) as well as a pair of oxfords are de rigeur.  there is a periodic appearance of that scruffy unshaven look (not my favorite) but no actual beard, mustache, goatee, side-burns or (thank god) whatever you call that little chin thing sported by my current heart-throb, anton apollo ono.  what i’ve been unable to ascertain is whether this style is unique to christophe, or is a variant of modal college student dress.  what do you think?

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