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sneaky dog


i know everyone thinks their kids are the best thing since sliced bread, but i’m telling you, christophe really is.  or perhaps the best thing since artisan bread.  

mr.noir and i had the most wonderful visit with him over spring break and our hearts were breaking as we watched him drive away.  we went right out and bought some artisan bread and broke it together as we cried into our shiraz.  hunter finally put on the brakes by putting his paws on the table and trying to lick up the crumbs, causing us to break into laughter and choke on our wine! fortunately, no glasses were broken but i did have to wipe the tears of laughter from my glasses. 

aaaanyway,  the sweetest thing happened the morning before christophe left.  he now does his laundry quite independently and without prodding (an endearing trait in itself), but that morning mr. noir had put a batch in the dryer for him.  as christophe was folding his laundry (yes, folding!) he remarked that the clothes felt very soft.  ah, i thought, an instructional moment.  i brought the box of bounce over for him to look at.  he inspected it thoroughly and pronounced that in fact he had heard of/seen something like this before.  i offered to give him a few sheets to take back to school, but he declined, stating with new self-knowledge and wisdom that “i’d just lose it.”   

now you may think i’m making a mountain out of a mole-hill, but to have a teenager who actually requests instruction, takes it in, and doesn’t argue seemed nothing short of a miracle!  now whenever i put the laundry in the dryer i will think fondly of christophe!

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