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i can’t say i’ve done absolutely zero shopping recently (and mr. noir would certainly not say so); however, the shopping i’ve done has lacked a certain je ne sais quoi, a certain excitement, a certain rush of adrenaline (unlike my rat-catching).  how to explain this unusual phenomenon?  some of it may be the season:  spring is the season of greens and creams and torquoises, a season for those with “spring” complexions.  esme has never been a spring (although she is pretty springy), and has been virtually forbidden by mr. noir to wear green.  this despite the fact that green is the color of leaves and trees and grass, the color of rebirth, renewal, resurrection…the color, in short, of spring.  

 one of the tasks of fashion designers and retailers is to CREATE DESIRE.  this is exactly what has been missing for esme—passion, desire, urgency, that “gotta have it” feeling.  imagine entering a favorite store and actually NOT WANTING anything!  extraordinary!  depressing!  what is a dedicated sportshopper to do??  

rather than taking up buddhism, esme decided to bide her time, hoping that with a season of rest the shops, like an over-grazed field, would come back to life.  sure enough, on the advice of a friend, esme checked out one her favorite stores.  the day was warm with a light breeze.  children were eating ice-cream.  and esme found 3 (non-green) items she coveted: a kicky black knit skirt by european culture, a mushroom colored xcvi boyfriend shirt long enough for leggings, and an asymetrical top that looked great with jeans.  as for you green people out there—go for it!  sap is rising, bulbs are peaking out of the ground (even purple ones) and sportshopping is on the move again!     

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