by admin on February 15, 2011

spring fantasy

beautiful old tree

imagine a young girl, long dark hair wet from perhaps a dip in a clear stream, reclining against the roots of a gigantic old tree.  her feet are bare, nails unpolished, one hand to her heart.  she looks sideways at the viewer under thick dark brows, caught in a private moment.  she wears only a beautiful silky-looking dress with a matt finish and barely visible lace along the seams.  the photo is in black and white.  what is my favorite thing about this photo?  1.  the dress (what is the fabric anyway?)  2.  the tree   3.  the eyebrows! esme always gets a little thrill everytime thick eyebrows come back in (remember brooke shields?). 

it is such a pity to see the way people have had to hack away at the brows they were born with in the last few years.  some may even have depilitated beyond repair (lesson:  don’t do anything permanent to your brows—you will regret it in a few years).  really, thick brows are back with a vengence, so if you’ve got ‘em, flaunt ‘em! 

and the tree….have you ever seen such a beautiful tree?  we have a few right in town that i can just picture myself in.  i must admit it looks a tad uncomfortable, but even i, ms. princess-and-the-pea, would put up with the discomfort if only i could lie in that tree in that dress and maybe in that skin.  into what category would you put this fantasy??  wood-nymph?  artemis?  aphrodite as a young girl?

seeking the goddess of spring,



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