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c.j. jeans--sleep on it


i don’t know about you, but with the approach of spring esme’s skin has been longing for light and air (lux et aero?).  perhaps it’s the 3 pounds my body insists on hanging onto, or maybe i went into a fugue state and put all my jeans in the dryer, but anyway, those skinnyish jeans are just not feelin’ good!  i suppose my set-point decided to rise without consulting me, or…..something. 

i understand that the boyfriend jean—a loose, soft jean with a rolled up cuff and a distressed look—is all the rage.  i’m all for the loose and soft part, and the rolled up cuff is fine, but really, i don’t need any more distress in my life at the moment!  what is it with these pre-destroyed denims flaunting frayed pockets and even missing bits of fabric, which look, as mr. noir put it, “like they are ready to be thrown out”??  i’m perfectly capable of destroying my own clothes, thank you, and hunter would be more than happy to help out! 

however, it appears that destruction is part-and-parcel of the boyfriend jean (kind of like the need to pee standing up is part of the boyfriend) and i will have to adjust to it if i am to take advantage of the other wonderful aspects of this look. serendipitously, kate and i  found a carmel boutique called b real that carries the oprah jeans (cookie johnson to the uninitiated)!  we tried on several different styles, but i found the boyfriend version to be far and away the most comfortable.  the proprietor reminded me that these were the very jeans that oprah was wearing on the show—imagine, esme and oprah wearing the same jeans! 

the only thing is, they were a very dark wash with a prominent destroyed thing near the pocket; i wasn’t sure i wanted to pay the price for jeans with a big boo-boo on the front.  so, following esme’s rule #1, i decided to sleep on it.  unfortunately, i came down with a nasty virus and was completely unable to shop for over a week!  during this time, i’d decided that i had to have those jeans.  well, when i finally returned to the shop, they were all sold out, not only in my size but in almost every size!  sometimes there is a down-side to esme’s rule.

disappointed by undaunted, i did a quick search on-line.  i turned up several pairs, and ordered one from ZAPPOS.  zappos really is the cat’s meow—the jeans showed up on my door-step 2 days later, with free shipping both ways and a 365 day return policy.   my heart pounding with excitement, i ripped open the package and tried them on.  sooo comfortable!! however, these seemed a bit big and now i’m obsessing about whether i need a smaller size, as well as working on mr. to accept the deconstructed thing.  perhaps i’ll have my tailor devise a patch to put on the pocket (now if that isn’t ridiculous…)  in the meantime, i’m following esme’s rule and letting them rest on the window-seat! 

btw, esme found a great little jean-fitting guide on the nordstrom website:  http://shop.nordstrom.com/NBO?tn=popup_fit_fundamentals#/1.  check this out if you are having trouble finding the right jean!

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