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sylvie outfit


whatever esme consumed, it appears to be one of those long-lasting time-release potions. so, next stop— sylvie, carmel.  this is a highly eccentric store and one of mr.noir’s favorites.  if your skin is longing for light and air, this is the place for you! 

the clothes are almost uniformly drapey and baggy and most are in black, white or other neutral colors.  the fabrics range from filmy to chunky.  these clothes must be tried on to be appreciated.  they somehow manage to drape in such a way that you end up looking slim and sophisticated (if sometimes a bit peculiar) rather than pregnant! one can imagine oneself as an artiste, a patron of parisien salons in the ‘20’s, a woman of a certain age known for her many lovers….. it takes a confident individual to pull off this look.

for this reason, i hailed mr. noir to join us, as without his approbation, i would not dare to wear these clothes.  the salesperson at sylvie’s is quite a character herself and very helpful.  i must have tried on 30 garments, in part because most of the pants, while terribly appealing, were so large that you could have put a couple of esme’s (at her fattest) in them.  after an exhilarating few hrs. we were all becoming weak with hunger and thirst.  disobeying esme’s first rule, i settled on 3 items:  an indescribable pair of loose but architectural black pants; a short boxy cowl-necked knit sweater; and a fabulous necklace consisting of a silver squiggle on a long black rubber chain!  now i really must become famous, so i can wear this outfit to the opening of my show!

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