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apples and pears

no i’m serious, it really is!  as a result, esme received many responses to her segment on women and weight and has taken a while to digest them.  phashion plate tells me that there is scientific evidence for a weight set-point (something to do with the hypothalmus), but that no one really knows what it takes to alter the set-point.  yves from france sent reference to a recent article suggesting that one’s digestive flora and fauna influence one’s weight (studied in rats). 

i’ve had a series of conversations on the subject with another gym friend, claire.  claire has done something amazing:  she has taken a year off work with the goal of losing close to 100 pounds!  so far she has lost 75 and i refer to her as shrinking claire—-you can almost see the weight melting off!  now i am completely in awe of anyone who can even imagine losing that much weight, as i’ve been unable to lose even my niggling (and jiggling) 3 pounds! what’s even more amazing is that claire maintains a lusty enjoyment of food.  she once asked if i could recommend a local deli with authentic pastrami (i couldn’t) and describes eating a luxurious lunch at a local restaurant. 

my conversations with claire are full of surprises.  both her shape and her bodily mentality are quite different from esme’s.  she is tall and rather pear-shaped, with blond hair, blue eyes, and a completely no-nonsense manner.  i understand she held a high-powered executive-type position before she took time off to pursue her goal. once we were discussing ranges of acceptable weight fluctuation.  while mine is about plus or minus 2 pounds, claire told me that once she reaches her goal weight, she plans to allow a fluctuation of 10 pounds up or down! 2 pounds would not even register on her internal scale!! 

now, is this a matter of body-type, height, or mental attitude?? like other dieters, she describes plateaus, where she stops losing weight even with the most rigorous restrictions.  it occurred to esme that this is probably her body trying to establish a new set-point.  her way of handling this is to fast for a day or so, re-setting her set-point and continuing on her way.  a different approach is described by spike, who says that for decades fat has been a cause for “self-loathing and hysteria”.  her solutions have consisted of “being newly in love, running marathons, or dire illness”, which fix the problem for a while but not, of course, in the long run.  a recent epiphany is described thus:  “it occured to me how many of the world’s people would be happy to have my poor old body, with all its lumps, bumps, scars, and deficiencies….i think that is called ACCEPTANCE.” 

esme tries to implement a similar stategy by imaging how envious she will be of her present body 5 years hence!  which begs a question mr. noir came across on his computer home page:  if there is an after-life, do we have bodies there, and which bodies do we have??!!

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