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beautiful stomachs

father/daughter feet


my gym friend coco recently confided that on her second (or so) date with her boyfriend he asked the following question:  what is your favorite body part?  now is that brilliant or what?  (single guys take note; however, do NOT use this as a pick-up line…no no no). 

esme would have loved to answer this question.  it betrays a male knowledge of the feminine realm (did he grow up with 5 sisters?  was he raised by his grandmother?) which is highly unusual.  curiously, coco chose what has actually been her most conflictual body part (as it is for many of us)—her stomach, leaving out her really favorite part—her long graceful hands. 

an aside about the stomach:  women often obsess about their stomachs sticking out no matter how thin or fit they may be.  esme has noticed that this tends to be a bigger problem for those with smallish hips or thinner bodies.  after years of obsessing about this matter, esme finally has realized that your guts have to go somewhere; the smaller or thinner the space, the more the stomach sticks out just to make room for our necessary organs!  sooo… the solution for some may be to get fatter rather than thinner—try it! 

back to favorite body parts. for many years esme would have nominated her feet.  esme’s feet are quite cute, if impractical, and remind her of a feminine version of her father’s feet.  as a matter of fact, she received the most delightful compliment (and you know how she feels about compliments) on her feet from a guy she used to walk dogs with on the beach.  she happened to be walking bare-foot on a warm day (note: mr. noir cannot abide sand) when mr. x kind of gasped and said something the-exact-content-of-which-has-been-forgotten about esme’s feet, bringing a blush to her already wind-blown cheeks. 

of course she reported this (with a certain toss of the head) to mr. noir, who has been jealous ever since, tho not jealous enough to brave the sand without a hilarious pair of knee-hi sailing boots!  be forewarned (or perhaps this was esme’s just desserts) that even one’s favorite body part can play sneaky little tricks on one, necessitating a quick switch to a back-up body part (ears perhaps??).  anyway, try this question on yourself or someone you’d like to get to know better, and let me know what happens.

p.s. don’t forget the gestalt,



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